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Spherical Structures was developed in the early 1970's to introduce the variety of energy efficient housing and transportation options. 

These company web sites have been created to share some of the great architectural ideas of the past and present in the hope of exciting your imagination with alternative modern ideas. Structures that take advantage of the strength and efficiency of spherical structures along with the energy efficiency of electric powered transportation.

The companies you'll find in these web pages are committed to saving on energy costs and to reducing your health and environmental concerns with their products and services.
Bringing the technology and beauty of commercial architecture to the residential building industry with new innovative materials and designs to create affordable, energy efficient structures.


These companies specialty is spherical shaped structures for any use, with the ability of being independent, self-sustaining habitats. Spherical Structures is a diversified full-service manufacture and building contractor. Offering the most affordable housing kits for the do-it-yourselfer or for turnkey custom homes . From consultation to engineering and design of your building plans, to the manufacturing and prefabrication of your building kit.

Spherical Structures manufacturers single-family homes, condominium units, multi-family homes and commercial structures. We take pride in the quality of the components which have been selected to be included in our spherical structures. Spherical Structures main goal and inspiration is to build a better way of life with the use of modern materials and innovative designs.
The companies in the Spherical Structures continues to design and build affordable housing and transportation for as many people as possible.

                     Innovative Structures                   Spherical Floor Plans                        Prefab Structures

                     Future Forward Designs                Modern Steel Designs                       Passive Solar

                     Radiant Flooring                           Solar power Basics                           Electric Vehicles

                     E-V Communities                          Hydrogen Myth                               Spherical Housing



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